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United Cracking Force Official Site Phrozen Crew Official Site DaVinci Graphics - the Visual Orgrasm   (Best Crack/Serial Search, IMHO)   (Another Astalavista mirror)   (Another Astalavista mirror)   (Another Astalavista mirror)   (Another Astalavista mirror)   (Another Astalavista mirror)   (Another Astalavista mirror)   (SerialVista -- a NICE new Serial search page!)   (The BatSite Crack Searcher -- MAJOR search site!!!)   (The Quick Crack Finder by GKA)   (Crawler -- a new crack/serial search engine)   (Nrondionov's Crack Search Engine -- beware, popups)   (Cracks Search -- promising new search engine)   (Illegal Search Network -- a metasearch engine page)   (alternate Illegal Search Network URL)   (The Ultra-Crack Search Engine -- lookin' good guys!!)   (alternate Ultra-Crack URL)   (alternate Ultra-Crack URL)   (alternate Ultra-Crack URL)   (alternate Ultra-Crack URL)   (CrackZilla -- a new C/S search engine -- beware of porn banners)   (BluDragN's Search Portal)   (The UnderHound Software/Cracks Search)   (AstalaPasta -- H/P/C Search page -- name suggests a play on Astalavista -- nice site overall!)   (Azrael's Crack-related and other Links)   (LeoGetz's Informative Links and more!)   (Leo's Feature Rich Mirror)   (Cosmo Connor's Crack Links)   (alternate Cosmo Connor URL)   (alternate Cosmo Connor URL)   (alternate Cosmo Connor URL)   (alternate Cosmo Connor URL)   (CrackBaby's Resources for the Enlightened)   (Zutphen's Cracking for Newbies info page)   (Biglad's MEGA Crack Search Links)   (WjLuGo2 Links Page -- keeper of the KEYFORMULAS site)   (Joe's Crack Links -- nice looking page)
((Please Follow the Link))   (Serials '99 -- EXCELLENT Serial proggy)   (The Serial Number Shop -- WELCOME BACK!!!)   (Hacktor's FTP -- Serial proggies GALORE!!)   (Bubba's Serial List)   (HeavyPasses -- has a nice Serial Number section)   (I am!'s Top 100 Serials Page)   (#Warez666's Serials Page -- nice looking setup)   (Reveal's Serial Numbers -- beware of pr0n banners)   (Unlockit -- has a nice serials section -- need Java enabled)   (Keygen Studio)   (alternate Keygen Studio URL)   (alternate Keygen Studio URL)   (Keygenz World)   (KeyWorld Keygenz site)   (alternate KeyWorld URL)   (alternate KeyWorld URL)   (SkyFox's KeyGen Collection)   (Key99 page)   (Hb Universal Krak Page -- beware of p0rn popups!)   (Crackz Unlimited -- a GOOD cracks page, but has p0rn banners)   (alternate Crackz Unlimited URL)   (South Tyrol Offline WebSite -- think Leo and Zor!!)   (alternate STO URL)   (alternate STO URL)   (Russ Zero Heaven -- Russ97's 0Day Crack Site)   (l/p: NW98 -- #1 Texas -- Crack Site)   (The House of Cracks)   (The Libran's Crack site)   (alternate Libran URL)   (Gulli's Website -- decent cracks/serials sections)   (Just the Best -- Cracks usually available only via IRC found here!!)   (The Crack Network -- Information Related to Security Materials)   (Klismo's Hideout -- a NICE looking site -- hint: see the Dark Side)   (Russian Crack Zone -- beware of porn)   ("What do you want to Hack today?" Crack page -- has porn banners)   (Top Cracks (Francais) Crack Page)   (Page Personnelle GUY (Francais) -- another French Page with Cracks)   (Mr. D's Crack Page)   (a pretty decent Cracks archive)   (Digital Overdrive's Crack Page)   (alternate Digital Overdrive URL)   (Cool Cracks Centrum)   ('s Crack section)   (Armenian X-Zone Cracks page -- has a few porn links)   (TRWCracks Search Page)   (alternate TRWCracks URL)   (Lidong's Favorite Fashion Cracks Page)   (alternate Lidong URL)   (CrAzy WiZARD [APW]'s cracks -- original and other groups' cracks)   (alternate CrAzy WiZARD [APW] URL)   (alternate CrAzy WiZARD [APW] URL)   (The Crack Resource Center)   (SuDI's Crack Station)   (Kohlifake Cracking Organisation -- collected cracks from all over)   (Mayan Crackz Page)   (China Crack Zone)   (Pedro Machado's Page -- a nice Cracks section)   (Cosmo Cramer's Cracks & Serials)   (Warez Slutz' World Crack Archive -- has porn banners)   (ShareWarez -- popular shareware and cracks)   (MEDIAPE's Crackroom)   (BloodTales Factory -- to get the crack ask him in #zor for it)   (Sir Greg's Crack page -- NICE!!)   (Secondary Sir Greg's Crack page -- NICE!!)   (The Parkina Crack Page -- Current/Popular cracks)   (Warezka's Crack & Serial Resource Page)   (Dsv Crackz Site)   (Chaotic Demon'z Cracking Page)   (alternate Chaotic Demon URL)   (alternate Chaotic Demon URL)   (Dino Crack and Serials -- lots of pr0n links)   (decent crack/serial pg, tho the java apps make for slow loading =p)   (TeCK Cracks and Serials)   (Lwakuschi - Page with quite a few cracks)   (has a LOT of cracks on it!!!!)   (The Wizard's Collection of Recent Cracks & Serials)   (alternate Wizard URL)   (DPR Reverse Engineering / Crack Archive)   (a small crack site, pretty recent stuff)   (Korean Crack site -- older cracks)   (VB4Free -- popular/new VB Cracks)   (Crackboard Cracks Collection -- hardware/dongle cracks)   (Bitwixen -- hardware/dongle cracks -- no direct downloads, you email crackers your request)   (Password Recovery Cracks!)   (Alternate URL to Password Recovery Cracks! UK link)   (Alternate URL to Password Recovery Cracks! US link)   (Russian Password Crackers)   (alternate Russian Password Crackers URL)   (alternate Russian Password Crackers URL)   (Password Recovery Tactics)   (Excel 5.0 and higher password remover)   (The CrackStore - TONS of good game cracks!)   (MegaGames' Game Cracks section -- nice!!)   (Game Copy World -- some mirrors have pr0n banners)   (Lord Ozzy's Crack Site - EXCELLENT games cracks - Beware of porn crap! =p)   (Lukens Crack pg - lotsa game cracks - site is in German)   (alternate Lukens URL)   (Wizzle's Backstube -- has plenty of game cracks -- site is in German)   (MindField -- Has some Palm Cracks -- beware of porn)   (alternate MindField URL)   (Palm Warez Zone -- excellent Palm apps, cracks, serials page!)   (AmoK -- has some Palm cracks)   (Crack Archive -- has some Palm cracks)
Note from Webmistress: the group Faith2000 releases many PalmPilot c/s's, could be helpful to try there.
You can also find PalmOS releases on the CORE member Hambo's Keygen Studio site.
((Please Follow the Link))   (Serials '99 -- NOTE: now has MAC & PalmPilot Serials!!!)   (Nuk-Me's Page -- Surfer's Serials Download)   (another Surfer's Serials link and more for MACs)
((Please follow the Link))   (Amazon Goddess's Page of Hacking Phreaking & Cracking Links for MACs)
Note from Webmistress: find more MAC releases on The Exterminators' Website.